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Storytelling is a kind of teaching method which helps the young learners to knowledge, literacy, imagination, creation and critical thinking. It promotes expressive language development in oral and written form and present new vocabulary and complex language in the powerful form that inspires children to emulate the model they have experienced.

As a result of the Mobility, the students:

- have experienced diverse cultures;

- increased verbal proficiency;

- actively participated in ESL classes and activities;

- enhanced their creative thinking and teamwork skills;

- learned to listen to each other more effectively;

-enhanced their listening and speaking skills;

-enriched their vocabulary in English;

-the activities enabled them to empathize with unfamiliar people/places/situations.

The purpose of the mobility was to investigate the advantages of using storytelling to successfully teach English as a second language.

The activities included in the mobility included:

Students participated in games that require them to create stories. With the guidance of the professors, they cooperated and produced a group story;

Students collaborated to construct story cards and come up with a game to play with them. They also used web 2.0 resources to create a collaborative digital tale book.

1.Interactive map of Digital Stories from the project partners

WEB 2.0 tools are used to tell the national stories of all participating countries on the map.

The students of the project retold all the stories and designed them as part of the Digital Storytelling activities


2. How to Plan a Collaborative Digital Book - A Guide for ESL Teachers

A step-by-step tutorial on how to organise a collaborative creation of a story.


3.Our Christmas collaborative story

Each page in this story is written, illustrated and narrated by different partner schools.



4.Story Cards

E-book with Story Cards Decks with original students’drawings.

These cards are created by students of the project, who also illustrated them.

There is a downloadable pdf file for teachers, where they can also find example rules on how to use the cards in their classroom.


5. “Chose your own Adventure” story creation

All students contributed to the creation of this document.

Students from various countries contributed different endings to the Italian team's story.

Chiro discovers the future

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