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📣 Resources for ESL teachers 


1. A collection of Web 2.0 tools suitable for teaching English (example lessons included)

During the project, the partners shared WEB 2.0 tools to assist the English language teacher.

It also includes samples of lessons made using these tools, as well as advice on what types of lessons they are most receptive to.

2. A collection of English lessons conducted using WEB 2.0 tools

Week Week English - Erasmus+ project partners shared their ideas for English lessons conducted using WEB 2.0 tools.

The collection is part of the final joint products of the project and provides English teachers with ready-made lesson plans that can be easily adapted for almost any age.

In addition to lesson plans, you will also find ready-made resources in the collection.

Here you can view all the English lessons held within the project activity “ESL Game-based and Web 2.0 tools activities”


3. A collection of educational games and Web 2.0 tools activities for teaching and learning English

A collection of educational games conducted with the participants in mobility C6 - ESL game-based and WEB 2.0 tools activities

A downloadable pdf file is included for ESL teachers


4. A book with video lessons on how to incorporate Drama in the ESL classroom

A final product of mobility C4.

Videos of the lessons using Drama activities are included in the book. All lessons were conducted conducted during the mobility.

A number of scenarios from the participating partners are also included.

5. E-book with lesson ideas for teaching English outdoors

The book includes videos of the lessons, as well as a  link to Outdoor lesson plans, created by all project partners

A downloadable pdf file is included for ESL teachers


6. ESL Outdoors activities presentation + full descriptions

The activities were performed during the C4 mobility - English Outdoors


7. How to Plan a Collaborative Digital Book - A Guide for ESL Teachers

A step-by-step tutorial on how to organise a collaborative creation of a story.


8. Story Cards

E-book with Story Cards Decks with original students’drawings.

These cards are created by students of the project, who also illustrated them.

There is a downloadable pdf file for teachers, where they can also find example rules on how to use the cards in their classroom.

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