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C3 ESL Outdoor learning activities


Mobility was based on outdoor learning activities. We planned 4 different activities for students to improve their English and help them increase their level of English while having fun and being in contact with nature in an environment close to their daily lives. Methodology is learning by doing and learning by experience.

Along with the acquisition of the topic related vocabulary, Outdoor learning helped students boost their self esteem, personal responsibility, cooperation with and respect the needs of others. The mobility extended their personal horizons through greater appreciation and understanding of the world and its people.

Students became aware of the need for sustainable relationships between people and their environment and enhanced problem solving and teamwork skills.

As a result of the realised activities, students have  learned about  natural sites and parts of the environment in English.

Even traditionally inactive students took an active part in the lessons, as they were organized outside the classroom, in an informal and stress-free environment.

All curricula include topics on sports, food and the city in English lessons. We  implemented these topics related to the curriculum, but with richer and more authentic materials and as outdoor activities.


Day 1 - Bonding welcome game; Welcome ceremony; open-air theatre from Polish students

School tour in groups - getting to know the school premises;ESL open-air games and dances for students;Teachers meeting - discussions of the planned activities;Lunch in the Old town of Torun;Urban orienteering in groups

Day 2 - Outdoor Activity - Quarterland Game;International food Feast;River Rafting and historical tour on Vistula River;Lunch with a local dish

Day 3 - Museums Day: Bee miracles - workshops;The manufacture of candies - workshops ;The Ethnographic Museum;Astronomical Open Air Observatory in Piwnice.

Day 4 - The initial plan was to go to Barbarka Forest School, a small forest settlement in the northwest part of Torun. Due to rainy weather, we headed towards a laser paintball arena, where the outdoor activities prepared by participating countries took place. The picnic was organised also there. 

All partner countries performed the planned activities, in which all students were involved. 

Farewell dinner, certificates ceremony, words from all participants.

Day 5 - The closing ceremony. Art and paperwork workshop,led by the director of the host school, Anna Czarnowska.  

Teachers evaluation of the mobility. 

Students were involved in outdoor activity - Eco Fashion day 

Students played the Rummikub game. It aimed to bring people together. 

After the evaluation of the teachers and the games of the students, there was a surprise from the primary school. The primary school students were split into two groups girls and boys. Girls prepared dances from 5 partner countries Italy, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, and Greece. 


The social interaction with students and teachers from different countries broadened students' horizons and brought awareness of other European cultures.


During the international exchange, both students and teachers developed their English language proficiency through practical immersion. Additionally, they were taught to remain open-minded and were introduced to other cultures.



1.E-book with lesson ideas for teaching English outdoors

The book includes videos of the lessons, as well as a  link to Outdoor lesson plans, created by all project partners

A downloadable pdf file is included for ESL teachers

2.ESL Outdoors activities presentation + full descriptions

The activities were performed during the C4 mobility - English Outdoors

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